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Up next in our random Retro baseball player series..... Mickey Tettleton

Lovers of Adam Dunn probably would have enjoyed watching Tettleton play as the majority of his at-bats during his career were home runs, strikeouts or walks. He was a pure power hitter with a poor batting average, but a high OBP. You don't see many switch-hitting catchers with the kind of power Tettleton had.

Years Played: 1984-1997.

Teams Played For: Oakland A's (84-87), Baltimore Orioles (8-90), Detroit Tigers(91-94), Texas Rangers(95-97)

Positions: Catcher(872 Games), DH(361 Games), 1B(125 Games), RF(120 Games), LF(24 Games).

Career Line: .241 AVG, 711 R, 1132 H, 245 HR, 732 RBI, .369 OBP, .449 SLG, .818 OPS.

Best Season: 1991- .263 AVG, 31 HR, 89 RBI, .387 OBP, .491 SLG, .878 OPS.

Awards/Leaderboard: 2-Time All-Star(89, 94).

3-Time AL Silver Slugger At Catcher (89, 91, 92)

Led AL in Walks in 1992 with 122

Finished Top-5 in the AL in walks 6 times

Fun Facts:

Tettleton had a very weird and recognizable batting stance. He stood straight up the entire time and crouched only at the very end before his swing.

Mickey often claimed that eating Froot Loops was the source of his hitting power.

He often would keep Monkey and/or Rabbit balls in his back pocket during games for good luck.

He usually always had a huge cheek full of tobacco while playing.

Tettleton struck out 1307 times in just 4698 at-bats, which is over 27% of the time.

Over half of his total major league at-bats (53%) finished in either a home run, a strikeout or a walk.

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