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Will Megan Fox Get The Chance To Repeat?

While I drank with my buddy Toph on Friday night, we got into a serious discussion... about the 2009 Hot Ladies Tournament.

"So is Megan Fox gonna be a #1 seed after winning the title last year?"- Toph

"Hmm. I'd planned on going with 32 of the 'Thigh Of The Week' chicks since last year's tournament. You think I should have Fox in it?"- Me

"Yeah man she's gotta get a chance to defend her title."- Toph

So, should we go Toph's route and include some of the fine ladies from last year, or get a completely new group in there? You'll get the chance to decide that by voting in our poll which you can find under the "Thighnal 4" logo. Also, you can click on that logo to see last year's bracket and what ladies would be included in this year's tournament.

If you're saying, "What the hell Clapp, 32 chicks? Last year you did 64!", well, it's a lot of work. Poorly Acquitted and I were hammering out a couple each day last year, and halfway through the tournament it wasn't very enjoyable for us. Now we'll include more pictures than last year, leave the polls up longer(that's what she said), and have some more fun with it.

Anyway, get your vote on.

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